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Reasonable Suspicion in Altamonte Springs

Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol and Drug Testing in Schools

ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs works with academic institutions to incorporate drug and alcohol testing programs as a part of academic and athletic settings. This includes random and reasonable-suspicion testing to screen students and athletes for drug and alcohol use.

Unlike with random testing, when it comes to reasonable suspicion testing for student athletes, there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed. Read on for more details, or contact ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs for assistance.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

While random drug testing student athletes may seem like the best course of action to eliminate drug use from your school, depending on what state you are in, random programs may not be allowed. Reasonable suspicion testing is another effective way to prevent drug use in students and sports teams.

Key factors that warrant reasonable suspicion testing:

  • Changes in appearance
  • Behavior
  • Speech
  • Body odors

When a teacher or administrator notices any of these warning signs, ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs can help your school or association implement a testing program based on reasonable suspicion of drug use. The criteria for reasonable suspicion varies from place to place, so we recommend consulting legal counsel before undertaking a random testing program.

Laws & Regulations Governing Reasonable Suspicion Testing

While all students or athletes are subject to random testing without direct cause, reasonable suspicion testing must follow specific laws and regulations. School officials who suspect drug or alcohol are required to adhere to these regulations before subjecting students or athletes to reasonable suspicion testing. ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs can equip your school to properly conduct such testing as part of comprehensive drug testing programs.

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When you require drug testing due to reasonable suspicion, ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs helps ensure all testing administered by your school is safe and legal.

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